Remedial massage focuses on the whole body and covers all issues as they present.

Common problems that can benefit from massage include * Tight Muscles in general * Back Pain * Stiff Neck * Headaches * Sciatica * Fatigue * Tennis Elbow * Frozen Shoulder * Plantar Fasciitis * Muscle Cramps * (TMJ) Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction.

The inclusion of deep tissue massage where necessary compliments the process of releasing muscle tightness in troubled areas to ensure we achieve improved mobility and overall functionality.

Remedial massage is simply for everyone! We are all impacted by our different types of work whether you are a Tradie, Teacher, sitting in the driver’s seat all day, or an Office worker spending hours at a computer.

Regular massage can assist in reducing the chance of injury from muscle overuse and poor posture. This ultimately helps to keep you working longer whilst avoiding time off you can’t afford.


Port Macquarie Sport Massage is registered as a COVID Safe Business with the NSW Government. Clients attending massage appointments will be required to check in with our unique QR code registered with Service NSW.


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